Mayor’s press secretary: Yankee Stadium to become mass coronavirus vaccination site

Yankee Stadium will be transformed into a mass coronavirus vaccination site, according to the mayor’s press secretary.
The 161st Street Business Improvement District says that it will work to give out souvenirs to people getting their shots and reprogramming the “Jeter Meter” in front of the stadium to display public health messages.
The BID released a statement, saying in part: “The BID is thankful that the city, state and the Yankees have agreed to our request to deploy the world-famous icon in the battle against COVID-19. Yankee Stadium has a long history of great battles in boxing, baseball, football, soccer and hockey. None of these combats are as important as the fight against this deadly pandemic. We’re delighted to see this outburst of neighborliness and to participate in the campaign to protect Bronxites.”
The BID also said that it hopes Yankee players will serve as role models by getting vaccinated and encouraging fans to do the same.