Mayor touts new graduate rates in BK, city

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday marked a bright day for Brooklyn students after his office released the graduation rate figures.
According to the mayor?s office, more students are graduating high school in four years than at any time over the past two decades. As of this year, approximately six out of every 10 students will graduate within four years. Bloomberg said when he took office in 2002, that number was closer to five out of every 10 students.
Bloomberg said the numbers show that the fundamental changes he?s implemented are working. He also thanks the city principals for their hard work.
Despite the high overall graduation rates, Bloomberg said the city still needs to focus on having more black students and Hispanics graduate within four years. According to the mayor?s office, Hispanics have the lowest four-year graduation rate at 51 percent. Meanwhile, approximately 75 percent of whites and Asians graduate on time.
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