Mayor urges New Yorkers to vote, says polling sites are running smoothly

Mayor Bill de Blasio urged New Yorkers to make sure they exercise their right to vote.
Mayor de Blasio called it one of the most important elections by far.
Although he acknowledged there were some issues at polling sites, he says things were going smooth for the most part, adding that there are no excuses.
Mayor de Blasio also addressed New Yorkers' concerns of potential violence happening after the election. He says there are no credible threats at this time, but the city will remain vigilant.
"Our job representing all of you is to make sure that everyone is heard, regardless of your viewpoint. And to continue in that spirit in the days, in the weeks ahead, whatever the outcome no matter how long it takes. We believe it so important to respect all those things to act in a manner that respects everything that we love about democracy in a non-partisan traditional government,” says Mayor de Blasio.