Meeting held at Penn-Wortman Houses on conditions in people’s homes

Residents at the Penn-Wortman Houses were up in arms on Wednesday night at a meeting held between the Tenant Association Board and frustrated residents who expressed their disapproval with the building’s current state.  
The board meeting’s tension grew even further when those who wanted to leave were forced to wait 20 minutes for the elevator – it’s one of the many problems that residents want resolved.  
The Penn-Wortman Houses became Section 8 back in 2021, which residents initially disapproved of. They say since then, the conditions have gotten worse.  
“The daily maintenance… they’re not doing it, and it isn’t right,” said resident Miss Yves.  
News 12 reached out to the Stanley Avenue Preservation, which is in charge of the property, and it provided the following statement: 
“Our team is undertaking a $430 million renovation of the Linden and Penn-Wortman houses, which includes comprehensive and critically needed repairs to more than 1,900 apartments, along with new elevators, roofs, security systems, common areas, open spaces and other improvements. We are aware of these issues and are in the process of addressing them.”