Memphis Grizzles sign Bed-Stuy native Jahlil Tripp to Exhibit 10 deal

Jahlil Tripp, a Bed-Stuy native, got the call about half-hour after the NBA draft ended – the Memphis Grizzlies signed him to an Exhibit 10 contract.
There, he will have the opportunity to at least make their developmental G League affiliate team.
Tripp has had plenty of hard times. He missed his junior season at Brooklyn Collegiate High School after first being hit by a stray bullet, then breaking his leg.
After transferring to Lincoln, he was told he would get a fifth year of eligibility, only to be barred from playing by the league.
Tripp had to go to a junior college for a year, before winding up at the University of the Pacific.
"I've been dealing with adversity in my life all my life. It's nothing new, it's something that I thrive in and I haven't let any setbacks disturb me and mess up my path to what I want to do in life, and that's play basketball at the highest level."
Trip scored 1,000 points in the West Coast Conference and was named Defensive Player of the Year.
NBA training camps begin on Dec. 1.