Mercy University aims to tackle educational barriers with new catalyst program

Mercy University is advocating for students in the Bronx with a new program it says aims to break the barriers that often derail their education. 
The catalyst program looks to provide financial support, mentoring and dedicated services to help students not only inside but outside of the classroom. "Our biggest concern was really the fact that we saw college going rates going down. Students that were more than qualified to begin their college career and be successful were choosing not to go to college and that didn't sit well with us," says vice president of Enrollment Management Adam Castro. 
Participants will be able to choose from three academic pathways. They will also have the chance to earn certifications, internships and even an associate degree through the program. 
"We've tailored the academic offerings not only to Mercy's strengths, but also the needs and future needs of Bronx employment," said Castro. The program will also offer special grants, even a transportation grant that can help with commuting costs and meals on campus. 
The university is already accepting applicants for those who are interested in applying and will have an open house at the Bronx campus this Saturday.