Mets take down Marlins 9-3 in home opener

It took a day longer than expected, but the Mets finally were back in front of their home fans Friday for the first time in 2023. The Mets defeated the Marlins 9-3. 
The Mets are now 4-4 so far.
Citi Field 2023 home opener (Photo: Billy Fitzpatrick)
There’s plenty to look forward to this season, with the Mets aspiring to return to the playoffs, but there’s more! Citi Field has a brand new, giant video board and plenty of new food options as well — including a chicken sandwich with doughnuts for buns.
Photo: Billy Fitzpatrick
The K Corner bar and restaurant is due to make its debut as well, replacing what used to be McFadden’s.
The Mets Hall of Fame & Museum has also been updated to celebrate the 1973 National League champion team and the 2022 team as well.