Police: Midwood man charged with hate crime for attempting to strike Jewish men with car

This attack comes as the NYPD reports a 5.6% rise in hate crimes since the start of the year with 206 incidents on record. Of those, 63 happened in Brooklyn.

Faith Graham and

News 12 Staff

May 30, 2024, 11:06 AM

Updated 14 days ago


A Midwood man is facing a slew of charges after attempting to strike a group of Jewish men while yelling antisemitic remarks, police say.
Investigators say 58-year-old Asghar Ali is facing a dozen charges including attempted murder, hate crime assault and reckless driving in connection to the incident that took place outside a Jewish school.
Police say Ali drove this White Ford Crown Victoria up onto the sidewalk in front of 5520 Glenwood Rd. in Canarsie.
Multiple men are seen running inside the school for safety as the driver attempted to run them over. Official say the man was shouting he was going to "Kill all Jews".
Police say he attempted to injure five men with three of them only 18 years old. Fortunately, none of them were physically hurt.

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