Mobile labs offer high-tech boost to education

Mobile science labs are allowing Bronx and city students to get high-tech educations while saving taxpayers money.
P.S. 83 is one of about 175 city schools making use of the portable labs. Some of the tools the labs provide to students are projection screens, mini-computers and remote controls for taking tests. The projection screens function as updated blackboards while the mini-computers let the children perform their experiments and do calculations in a high tech fashion.
The price tag on the labs is about $50,000. School officials say one mobile lab can service a full school, while it would cost $500,000 to build just one new classroom lab.
School representatives say that in a technology-driven world it is imperative that students learn by using high-tech devices. P.S. 83 science teacher Sadie Weihe says her class uses interactive materials every day as opposed to text-based lessons.