Models walk runway at Bay Plaza Mall for annual Bronx fashion week

Models walked the runway Saturday night for the annual Bronx Fashion Week at The Mall in Bay Plaza.
The event aims to celebrate beauty of all colors, sizes and ages. Designs featured during the show were works of emerging designers and longtime retailers like Forever 21, JC Penny and Hollister.
Designer Sade Nicole described seeing her work come to life on the runway as a dream come true.
"I try to incorporate sexy and confident in my clothing, so you'll see a lot of that tonight. I hand-sewed everything. I taught myself how to sew in 2016, officially started business in 2019, so it's just been a journey since there," she said.
For founder Flora Montes, it was always her vision to showcase what the Bronx has to offer.
"This is the vision. It's about community and culture and that's what we are. That's why this fashion show is different, that's what makes us stand out, because this is about the Bronx," Montes said.
The show was just a glimpse of all the fabulous looks seen on the runway.
Those who missed the show will be able to see another Bronx Fashion Week in May.