Monroe Houses residents claim no hot or clean water for weeks; NYCHA says it restored service

Residents of the Monroe Houses in Soundview say they have gone without hot and clean water for up to two weeks.
Resident Miriam Martinez tells News 12 that she had to run her faucet for 30 minutes on Saturday morning before the water in her apartment changed from beige to clear.
In this week alone, she says she has spent over $50 on gallons of clean water.
"We want to take a bath every day. We can't take a bath because there's no hot water," Martinez said.
People who have resided in the complex for over 30 years say they are frustrated because nothing is being done to solve the issue.
Residents also told News 12 there is a rat infestation in the courtyard.
“We reached out directly to housing. They said they didn't know anything. They told us to get a ticket. We call the number on the ticket, get the ticket and still nothing,” Martinez said.
NYCHA sent News 12 a statement. It says:
"NYCHA has responded to recent hot water interruptions affecting Monroe Houses, and we can report that hot water service has been restored throughout the development on the same day as each disruption. We have worked cooperatively with resident leadership at Monroe in preparation of replacing the development's boiler plant, and thank them for their ongoing cooperation. We were alerted to these service disruptions by residents calling the Customer Contact Center, and encourage residents in need of assistance to call 718-707-7771."