Montefiore doctor, medical students donate feminine hygiene products to sheltered women

A doctor with Montefiore Health System is teaming up with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine to provide feminine hygiene products to those in need.
Dr. Tracey Straker is an anesthesiologist and worked with medical students to collect over 25,000 products and $11,000 for this effort.
They recently delivered more than 1,000 bags to shelters to tackle "period poverty" where those living in shelters or with limited income often have no access to feminine hygiene products.
"Just imagine if you were in this position, or a family member, a child, a sister, a mother. It affects everyone at some point in time, and so take a moment and contribute," Straker pleaded.
"I'm really excited and I hope this brings more visibility to what women and all people who menstruate are going through and the importance of having reliable access to quality products," said Cory Ransom, a medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
They are still collecting money donations and hope to continue this effort next year.