More monkeypox vaccines on the way as New York City hits over 1,200 positive cases

The New York state’s health commissioner has declared the monkeypox virus as an imminent threat to public health as cases continue to spread across the state.
As of Thursday, there are 1,251 people in New York City who tested positive for the monkeypox virus.
The city says cases are increasing and there are likely many more cases that have just not been diagnosed.
According to the city’s vaccine scheduling site, people have to meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for the vaccine. This includes someone who has had multiple or anonymous sexual partners in the last two weeks, a man who has sex with men, and someone who is over 18.
However, this is despite health officials saying anyone can contract the virus. LGBTQ advocates have warned against miscategorizing the virus as one that only infects the gay community.
Now, 110,000 doses of the monkeypox vaccine is on its way to the state with 80,000 of that supply coming to New York City, where over 90% of monkeypox cases in the state have been reported so far.
The city’s website says more appointments will open up when the city receives more supplies.