Morris Park residents complain of parking ticket blitz

Morris Park community members say the NYPD is unfairly targeting them when it comes to parking tickets, and they have the statistics to prove it.
State Senator Jeff Klein?s (D-Bronx) office say they examined data from the NYPD and found the number of tickets given in Morris Park was disproportionately high when compared to other precincts. Klein says the problem must be addressed, so as not to drive shoppers away from the commercial strip.
Klein says in relation to the other Bronx precincts, Morris Park received the second most tickets in the borough. According to Klein, the numbers show 10,000 tickets on average were issued a month.
A police department spokesman says the rate cited by Klein is incorrect.
When community members went to get answers from the Bronx traffic manager, they say he refused to attend a community meeting. The owner of a local funeral home says the low point took place when agents ticketed a hearse and two limousines parked in front of a church for a funeral procession.
News 12 The Bronx contacted the same traffic manager the Morris Park community association claims declined to meet with them. His office said he was out and would return the request for a comment.