MTA: All station agents no longer in booths

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that all 2,200 of their subway station agents will no longer be in the booths, but rather outside at customer service centers and around the station to help out New Yorkers.  
The MTA also celebrated the opening of new customer service centers at Fulton Street and Myrtle-Wckyoff Avenues subway stations. The change is set to take place on Thursday.  
Station agent Matthew Patrick is excited to get out of the booth and talk to the riders.  
"I felt confined in there and I felt like I couldn't get to the customer to help them properly,” said Patrick. “You would be surprised at how many people… don't know where they are going and my presence down there is such a major help to them. They are just so ecstatic to have me down there." 
While the physical booths aren’t going away, subway station agents will be on their feet and around the stations to provide assistance to commuters in need. 
New York City Transit President Richard Davey understands that there are safety concerns for those agents who are no longer in their booths.  
“We want to make this a safe environment… have the police in the stations as well is important, but as I have said, our station cleaners are out every day in the station environment and working largely and very safely so that is the expectation,” said Davey. “If there is an issue, we want them to deescalate or retreat to the booth if they have to."