MTA: Bus passengers must board, exit from rear door, practice social distancing

In the wake of the coronavirus, NYC Transit continues to keep the system running while trying to keep bus operators and frontline workers safe.

NYC Transit is taking extra precautions as buses are still in service.
Starting today, bus riders will only be allowed to board buses from the rear door. 
The MTA announced the new policy for all passengers who ride local and select bus services. This is the latest action taken by NYC Transit alongside the Transport Workers Union and the Transit Union, aimed at protecting employees.
The MTA says bus riders will board and exit buses using the rear door. Express buses will board as normal, but riders will not be permitted to sit in the first three rows in an effort to practice social distancing from bus operators.

While Gov. Andrew Cuomo has ordered non-essential workers to remain home and not take buses and trains, this is a practice to help protect frontline workers. News 12 is told bus fares will remain the same whether on-board or off-board ticketing machines are available.

Any disabled passengers needing assistance will be able to board at the front as usual.