MTA celebrates 118 years of the New York City subway

Th Metropolitan Transportation Authority is celebrating a big milestone - 118 years on the New York City subway. To mark the occasion, the MTA's Transit President Richard Davey is riding alongside New Yorkers across the city.
Transit President Davey has six months down on the job, and he says their work is far from over. Davey’s appointment was announced in March and his first day was in May.
He says since then, the MTA has been working on getting riders back on the trains and improving the rider experience. The New York City subway system is the largest and busiest in North America, but the subway lost millions of riders during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Davey says they are getting closer to pre-pandemic numbers, closing in on almost 4 million riders on the subway.
He says he hopes to hear more from New Yorkers about how to make the subway better as well. Safety is a big concern, and Davey adds they are working with the city to continue increase police presence on subways as well as adding cameras in the coming months to each subway car.