MTA cracking down on people dodging bus fares

New Yorkers who find themselves sneaking through the MTA bus back doors to avoid paying the fare will now run into unarmed guards at some local bus stop hubs.  
“Last year the MTA lost about $315 million from folks that didn't pay on the bus,” said MTA CEO and chair Janno Lieber. "We never want fare evasion to be a crime of poverty.... if you are a low-income person you are entitled to have a half fare card just like seniors and other reduced fare customers." 
Fair Fares is a city program made to aid New Yorkers with low income handle their transportation costs by offering a 50% discount on NYC MetroCards for subway and eligible bus rides.  
Chris Turner, a daily bus rider in Brooklyn, says she’s relieved that there will soon be guards at hotspots making sure everyone pays.  
"That was very unfair because, you just felt like if they can do it, everybody else was doing it, why can’t I do it…  I feel better knowing that when I spend my money, they have to spend their money." 
Over the next 30 to 45 days, the initiative will be an education process. Flyers will be given out with info on how to pay for bus fares. Enforcement of this rule will start in September.