MTA, DOT officials host town hall on L train shutdown

A Canarsie town hall Wednesday night allowed residents to voice their concerns about the L train shutdown that is coming next April.
The town hall was hosted by the MTA, DOT and some elected officials as a chance for commuters to get an update on what to expect when the shutdown occurs.
The first L train shutdown occurred for a few days this weekend, offering Brooklyn residents a glimpse of what's to come. There are 14 more shutdowns scheduled from now until April, with the next set for October.
At the town hall, MTA CEO Andy Byford touched on a wide variety of topics including why the closing is so crucial in order to make repairs to the Canarsie tunnel following damage sustained during Superstorm Sandy.
Another subject of interest was whether the shutdown could happen in a way that does not interfere or inconvenience people to such a large extent. Byford responded saying suggested solutions like only doing night construction could cause repairs to take seven years.
Byford also took questions about the planned repair time of 15 months. He says workers are heavily incentivized to finish early, and could be penalized if they run late.