MTA revamps Bronx bus routes, eliminates some bus stops

Bus routes in the Bronx are getting revamped with more than a dozen routes changing, including hundreds of stops being eliminated and even a few new routes being added.
As of Sunday, 13 bus routes in the Bronx have officially changed. It's all part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's efforts to make bus service in the Bronx faster, more frequent, reliable and better connected to the subway.
The change is part of the Local Bus Network Redesign initiative in the borough.
MTA officials say the new bus routes are simpler and more direct, with more frequent service and improved bus stop spacing. Thirteen routes have been revamped, two routes added and over 300 bus stops now gone.
MTA officials have been trying to get the word out about these changes with flyers, but they’re also going to be patrolling bus stops over the next few weeks to continue telling passengers about these changes.
The MTA plans to start a new Bus Network Redesign initiative for Brooklyn, with details to release later this year.