MTA worker honored for dedication and kindness to commuters

A token booth clerk from the Pelham Parkway subway station is being honored for his kindness and dedication to commuters that pass through.
Ruben Taylor has worked for the MTA for 32 years, and although he's only been stationed at the Pelham Parkway station for two of those years, he's managed to make a big difference.
"If he ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed you would never know it," said rider Aminah Shabazz. "Some people bring their issues to work, he remains the same."
Riders came together on Friday to commemorate his dedication to making their commutes easier and happier, gifting him a plaque and a book of signatures from people in the community who appreciate his hard work. They say that he waits at the entrance of the train station, greeting active riders and letting them know how long they have until the subway arrives.
"Somebody is here who really cares about the community. Because this is somebody that, when you come and meet somebody like that, he does nothing but... be a better person for the community," said one local resident.