Multiple people turn themselves in to police in connection to robbery of Brooklyn man

Multiple people turned themselves in to police custody following the robbery of a Brooklyn man last Friday, representatives claiming they were acting in defense.
Surveillance video shows the 26-year-old man running before a scuffle erupts with multiple people around him. The group appears to kick him repeatedly as he seems to be on the ground.
In a press conference Friday, Rev. Kevin Mccall spoke on behalf of the individuals surrendering themselves. He says the individuals committed the act because a young man who was on the bus returning from Georgia was allegedly threatened by the 26-year-old man with a gun.
The reverend said that the young man tried to make attempts to ask for help, reaching out to the bus driver and family via phone.
Upon arrival to New York City, the reverend says family members of the young boy were waiting at the bus stop, and when the boy got off the bus, he was still being harassed.
The reverend says the incident was not a gang assault, rather an act of defense. The family members of the young boy who are surrendering themselves are expected to be processed and appear before a judge later today.