Muslim women show beauty in hijab fashion show

Sisters of Brooklyn New York hosted a hijab fashion show at the Brooklyn Ballroom in Bed-Stuy Sunday. 
Organizers of the event say they hope to send a different message about their cultural fashion choice.
"It's our way of life--we believe that covering is part of our beauty and some people it's oppression but it's not," said Nissa Greenley. 
For designers at the event like Zubaidah Abdul, it was an opportunity to show that curvier women have options with traditional Muslim clothing. She says her line is all about color and stepping outside the box. 
Abdul says her goal is to make curvier woman feel confident in their skin. 
For those who attended, it was also an opportunity to show their children what their fashion choices mean to their culture.
"I want her to see this," said Jannah Bayyan. "When she sees women feeling confident in their hijab, she'll want to be part of it when she grows up."