#N12BK:Tipping guide

Whether you have a personal trainer or a dog walker, year-end tips are one way to thank people who help you out throughout the year.
How much "holiday cheer" should you shell out?
Patch.com put together some advice from experts and here's what they had to say.
They say you should start by making a list of helpers, figure out your budget and divide up that amount.
Experts say to tip regular helpers like dog walkers and nannies between a week and a month's pay.
They say to tip the amount of a single appointment for people you see occasionally, like barbers and personal trainers.
If you live in an apartment, experts recommend $25 to $150 for your doorman, $75 to $175 for your super and $25 to $75 for a garage attendant.
Experts say it is inappropriate to tip professionals like doctors, lawyers and accountants.
Some workers aren't allowed to accept cash tips, like U.S. postal service mail carriers.
However, they say you can always write a card to give thanks.