National Grid moratorium freezes out American Legion post

National Grid's moratorium on gas service for new customers is now impacting military veterans in Marine Park.
Members of the Floyd Bennett American Legion Post 1060 say they've been left in the cold. A space on Flatbush Avenue was supposed to represent a new chapter for the post, which was looking to downsize.
The vets learned the hard way about National Grid's pause on new service. The utility has said it cannot accommodate new customers because a gas pipeline was blocked by state regulators. The moratorium leaves the post without heat at their new space, only being able to use two space heaters.
National Grid says it will revisit applications should additional supply become available. Until then, the post says no heat means no meetings.
Earlier this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an ultimatum to National Grid that gave the utility 14 days to come up with a plan to resume service or risk losing its license to operate.