Nearly 2,000 Brooklyn NYCHA residents will see new repairs in near future

A new program from the New York City Housing Authority will bring new repairs to nearly 2,000 Brooklyn residents
The Housing Authority is pairing up with private and nonprofit organizations to bring these changes. This comes as part of the Permanent Affordability Commitment Together (PACT) program.  
For Conrad Cox, who has been living in Saratoga Village for just over 40 years, he’s seen the times pass with few changes brought to his building.  
“You can’t put a Band-Aid on a cut that needs stitches, and that’s pretty much all they were doing,” said Cox, who also operates as the tenant association president.  
Cox is now working with his fellow tenants and the city to determine who will help transform their building.  
"The funding has just not been there for decades going back to the 1980s and as a result we obviously struggle to maintain the buildings,” said Jonathan Gouveia, executive vice president for real estate development at NYCHA.
The PACT program aims to lessen NYCHA’s struggles to maintain aging and troubled buildings by leasing the Section 8 buildings and land to private and nonprofit developers.
NYCHA and other developers have already worked together to renovate around 20,000 so far as part of the PACT program, and now will be fixing over 900 units in Saratoga Village Bedford-Stuyvesant Rehab, Ocean Hill Apartments and Stuyvesant Gardens I and II.