Neighbors concerned over landmark-registered building's future after interim library's closure

Data from the city's Department of Finance currently lists the NYPD as the property owner.

Julio Avila and News 12 Staff

Sep 6, 2023, 1:52 AM

Updated 310 days ago


A temporary library in Sunset Park is now closed, and as it gets ready to move down the street, neighbors are asking what will become of the old space.
The building, located on 4th Avenue and 43rd Street, was registered as a city landmark in 2001. It first opened as a courthouse in 1931 and served as the temporary library's location for the past five years. Neighbors like Javier Salamanca want to know what is next for the building.
"They haven't told us yet.," Salamanca said. "That's part of the problem, we really want to know what's going on."
Salamanca is also with the community group Voces Ciudadanas. It released an online survey asking neighbors for suggestions on what to do with the space.
So far, Salamanca said there have been over 2,000 submissions.
"Ninety-nine percent of them want the community to be consulted on what happens in the space," Salamanca Said. "Over 85% of them want it to go to adult services, programs for young people, and jobs."
Salamanca thinks the building may end up being used for NYPD operations. Data from the city's Department of Finance currently lists the NYPD as the property owner.
"That's what it was before, before six years ago, before the interim location opened," Salamanca said. "It was archives and something for the NYPD. We're not really sure, but nobody had really been inside for many years."
News 12 reached out to the NYPD who said in a statement, in part: 
"No final determination has been made regarding the utilization of the space going forward."
The new Sunset Park Library is set to open in November, less than ten blocks away at 4th Avenue and 51st Street.

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