Neighbors raise concerns over planned men's shelter in Morris Park

Residents say they are alarmed over a 200-bed men's shelter expected to be built in Morris Park this year.
Those concerned over the proposal say they're worried because their neighborhood is family-oriented and think their quality of life will decrease.
What currently stands at the soon-to-be site at 1682 Stillwell Ave. is an auto body shop.
Lantern Community Services is a nonprofit provider that says if finds its residents stable housing, improves their health and finds educations and employment opportunities. It says its space will be six stories tall with a private outdoor area, large recreation and dining space and an on-site medical suite.
"Lantern's mission is to champion the well-being and independence of New Yorkers vulnerable to homelessness," says Diane Louard-Michel, the executive director of Lantern Community Service.
Right next to the site stands a luxury apartment building.
At Community Board 11's meeting Monday, members expressed their concerns, saying a charter school, day care and other centers sit less than 1,000 feet away.
"I don't think that's a good idea," says Karen Sturgis, of Morris Park. "It's kind of scary especially for women walking by the area."
Officials say real estate in New York City is limited, so they looked for sites that are developable. They added that the city has a legal and moral obligation to anyone experiencing homelessness.
The site's anticipated opening is later this year.