New-and-improved community center in Bay Ridge aims to strengthen neighborhood

A newly improved community center coming to Bay Ridge is expected to help strengthen the neighborhood by bringing new resources and opportunities.  
Elected officials announced a $6 million project to construct the new center, which many say has been missing from this neighborhood for some time.  
“Bay Ridge has such a volunteer spirit, there’s so many local groups in this community that do such great work,” said Councilmember Justin Brannan. “Bay Ridge never had a community center that everyone could gather [at].” 
The current center sits at 8,500-square-foot area with plans to expand to 42,000 square feet. It’s expected to provide new programs, workshops, and activities that focus on inclusivity, catering to the needs of as much of the community as possible.  
“We’re going to be looking at each other as human beings and not looking at each other as religion or as this is how this person dresses or they eat this… we need to make sure that our community here in Brooklyn, and really across the country, understand that we’re one group, one people,” said Bibi Eshack, executive director of the Bay Ridge Community Development Center.  
The center is expected to open its doors in the next three years, and the current standing center remains open.