New bill proposal aims to establish checks and balances for workplace firings

A new bill introduced to the City Council in December is working to establish a better checks and balances system for firing people in the workplace.  
According to a new study led by Data for Progress, 90% of workers fired in New York City say they were fired without warning. 60% say their bosses gave them no reason or an unfair or inaccurate reason before firing them.  
The Secure Jobs Act, which made its way to City Council last month, aims to ban employers from terminating employees without a just cause.  
This includes a required 14-day notice prior to termination, as well as a written explanation for the firing. It also provides an opportunity for employees to appeal the firing if they believe it took place in ill reasoning. 
"It doesn't matter if you're a UPS driver, or a fast-food worker, or you work in a college or university, or you work as an editor at Conde Nast,” said New York City Comptroller Brad Lander. “You need a secure job where you know if you show up, and you do your job, and you work hard, you are not going to be fired." 
The bill would also prevent employers from disciplining workers through biometric data and electronic surveillance.