New Bronx Zoo exhibit transports visitors to Australian woodlands

A new exhibit has landed at the Bronx Zoo, bringing visitors to the Australian woodlands to be among the trees and over 1,000 vibrant birds.  
The parakeets in the new exhibit – commonly known as their household name, budgies, - have found their new home at the Bronx Zoo’s Budgie Landing.  
"I think this is wonderful,” said Barnaby Marsh, member of the Bronx Zoo. “I think these birds are really loving this.” 
Each visitor receives a stick filled with birdseeds, and if they’re lucky enough, get to feed the budgies right out of their own hands.  
Budgies are known for their vibrant colors of green, yellow and blue, and their high energy makes zoogoers want to stay in the exhibit for hours.  
The exhibit will be officially open to the public this Saturday.