New COVID-19 vaccination site opens at NYCHA Pink Houses

Low-income communities have been hit hard by the coronavirus and now a vaccination site in East New York aims to tackle disparities brought by the pandemic.
The new site is located at NYCHA’s Pink Houses and is part of a recent push by the city to expand vaccination sites into NYCHA developments.
East New York is one of nine Brooklyn neighborhoods hit hardest by the pandemic.
"Communities that were hardest hit by COVID, particularly communities that experience disparity in health and other socio-economic disparities, are really focused on as we begin to roll out this vaccine,” said Sideya Sherman from the Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity.
City data shows that communities of color experienced the highest death rates from COVID. So far, only 15% of Latino and 11% of Black adults have been vaccinated.
Officials say they hope to get the shot in the arms of more New Yorkers who bore the brunt of the pandemic with their outreach efforts to boost public trust in the vaccine.