New museum opens in Bed-Stuy featuring ancient African artifacts

The Cultural Museum of African Art is now open and offering visitors a chance to see ancient African artifacts and learn the history of the continent and its people.
Eric Edwards, the founder and curator of the museum, has collected over 3,000 pieces, and some of the best are on display at the brand-new museum.
Some of the artifacts include a seven-foot drum that Edwards said was played on special occasions by an African tribe. He also featured a replica of a Makonde man and woman from Tanzania. 
"The ones that I chose really underscore the message of survival," Edwards said.
Edwards also had help in creating the museum by architect Rodney Leon, who helped design the interior space.
"Our challenge was really to balance and provide enough space for the artifacts to be exhibited," Leon said. "No matter what, we were going to do whatever to help bring this public space to fruition."
The museum also received state funding, spearheaded by New York State Assembly Member Stefani Zinerman. Edwards said because of this funding, entry to the museum is free.
The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is no signage yet, but The Cultural Museum of African Art is located on the second level of Restoration Plaza.