New play teaches students about the lives of Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman

This Black History Month, some children in Brooklyn are learning about the leaders who paved the way for them with help from a new play.
With rehearsed lines, songs and dancing, students at The School of the Arts are having fun while also learning.

"At first it was just learning the lines and then I really wanted to dig deep. I really [wanted] know how I got here today, how I'm able to do shows like this how I'm able to be in places like this," says performer Adeoba Awosika.

The students performed 'The Adventures of Malcolm and Harriet,' a play written by the Asase Yaa, the School of the Arts' executive director.

"This particular story is really thinking about what if our youth were reborn in the spirit of some of our very important leaders. So, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Sunny Carson if they were reborn with their spirit and able to take their ingenuity, their passion, their discipline and their dignity and re-present that now what would that mean for them, why would that mean for our communities," says Rubie Williams, director of operations.

About 25 kids ages four to 17 will be performing for schools from Feb. 25 to 28 at the Weeksville Heritage Center.

There will also be a performance open to the community on Feb. 29.