New relief center to open in Brooklyn to house migrants

As migrants continue to pour into the city, Mayor Eric Adams is proposing the opening of a new asylum center in Brooklyn. The plan, however, has been met with pushback from several city organizations.
The space at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal will house adult men offering the same services as the other four humanitarian relief centers across the city. This includes on-site medical, food, and laundry services. This comes as Mayor Adams continues the call for immediate assistance from the federal government.
This cruise terminal is close to the water, and has some organizations like the Legal Aid Society concerned about high flood risks.
The Legal Aid Society offered a joint statement with the Coalition for the Homeless voicing its concerns of not only flooding issues, but also the shelter's ability to comply with the city's right to shelter obligations. The organization even offered an alternative solution saying in part, "The city must utilize existing voucher programs to help homeless New Yorkers move into permanent housing, thereby allowing shelters to accommodate new entrants."
So far, the city says it has opened 77 hotels and four relief centers to tackle the influx of asylum seekers. The center is set to open in the next few weeks.