New speed limit instituted in wake of several deadly accidents on 3rd, Hamilton avenues

Following several deadly accidents along Brooklyn's busiest corridors, 3rd and Hamilton avenues are seeing some changes to their speed limits.
The speed limit used to be 30 mph, but it's now been lowered to 25 mph.
Over the weekend, crews from the city's Department of Transportation began changing signs at both locations. This change was announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio last month.
It comes after two deadly crashes occurred in the same week. Both avenues have seen more than a dozen fatalities in the past decade, according to Vision Zero data. They say 3rd Avenue was Brooklyn's most dangerous street in 2019 with six fatalities overall, including three cyclist deaths.
The mayor says lowering the speed limit along both busy avenues will make streets safer. Those who live and work in the area tell News 12 that it is definitely needed.
DOT officials tell News 12 that there will be a 60-day grace period. After those 60 days are up, those not abiding by the new speed limit risk being ticketed.