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New Year's resolutions: Have you been keeping your goals?

Studies show nearly half of people give their resolutions up by the end of January. 

Kristie Reeter

Jan 18, 2024, 10:53 PM

Updated 152 days ago


We are more than halfway into January, and chances are that some may be having some trouble keeping their New Year's resolutions. 
Studies show nearly half of people give them up by the end of January. 
Many on the streets in Norwood told News 12 they have actually been keeping their goals through the first few weeks of 2024. 
Dr. Brenda Boatswain is a licensed psychologist and the Wellbeing manager of Associate Wellness at Montefiore Health System. She says a big goal she hears many deal with is weight loss. She says a big problem is that people don't set attainable goals. 
Dr. Boatswain says have compassion with yourself and know that it is difficult to stick to a goal, but you can always get back on track by refocusing, resetting and pairing with someone who will give you that motivation.

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