New York City eases pandemic restrictions for bars, restaurants

Starting Monday, people will be able to sit at the actual bar in the restaurant and bar industry, something that has been off limits for months.
The state is loosening up even more restrictions as the city prepares to reopen by July 1, which means everything will go back to running in full capacity.
Indoor dinning will expand to 75% by Friday, May 7, so even more people will be able to eat inside.
Then, on May 17, outdoor dining curfews will end all across the state, which means customers will be able to stay past midnight at their favorite bars and restaurants. The indoor dining curfew will also end on May 31.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the 1 a.m. curfew for catered events where guests have proof of vaccination or a recent negative test will be lifted on May 17.
The curfew for all catered events will be lifted on May 31.
Many more restrictions will be loosening up as the city and state say they're making huge progress in getting people vaccinated.
Those who are planning to have a catered event at home have now been given the greenlight to host larger parties as long as people are continuing to follow health and safety guidelines.
The state's residential gathering limit is of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.
Also, about 80,000 city workers are expected to return to the office today after hundreds of employees worked from home.