New York MEPS celebrates 50th Anniversary at Fort Hamilton

Brooklyn celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Military Entrance Processing Station in Fort Hamilton on Friday.
People from all different bases and branches of the military came out to pay tribute to all those who have entered and supported New York MEPS through its history.
New York MEPS is the second largest processing station in the country. Each year the station conducts some portion of processing for more than 16,000 military applicants.
"When I came through the doors 11 years ago I learned about the military, I learned about the Army, I fell in love with it. That just pushed me to serve people out here in New York City and to serve all the veterans - to come here, to be a guest speaker at the 50th anniversary that's just a lifelong fulfillment," said Gregory Williams with the Department of Veteran Services.
Many say they're confident the station will have another successful 50 years - creating new opportunities and memories for so many future members of the military.