'No comparison': Capitol chaos raises questions on law enforcement's response to past protests

The response to the violence at the Capitol Wednesday has raised questions about how law enforcement agencies handled angry Trump supporters as opposed to protesters who took part in other recent demonstrations.
Keron Alleyne compared the disparity between Wednesday’s insurrection to police response during Black Lives Matter protests last year. 
"They got all the way through to Congress and elected officials, to their offices, to their back offices. There's no comparison when you think about blatant hypocrisy,” said Alleyne. 
Alleyne and his wife Ameria took part in a Black Lives Matter protest in May and say they were assaulted and wrongfully arrested by police. 
"Punched on the side of my face, punched on the side of my stomach,” said Alleyne. 
Video from over the summer shows law enforcement out in full force and protesters being cleared away with tear gas. This has now been compared to the violent riots at the Capitol, where police took hours to secure the area and are even seen appearing to let rioters through a barricade. 
Alleyne’s wife Ameria believes it would have been different at the Capitol if the rioters had been Black. “They would've been killed. They would've been -- everyone would've been arrested. Full stop."
Alleyne says that while the disparities in response are not shocking, creating change for the Black community first starts with people getting involved.
"You have to get involved, you have to become part of an organization, you have to go to your local community board meetings. We also have to topple the system that continues to bruise Black and brown bodies,” said Keron Alleyne.