Non-permitted construction on Bath Beach homeless shelter halted by upset neighbors

Bath Beach neighbors are irked about non-permitted construction for a homeless shelter that began over the weekend.
On Saturday, neighbors say they woke up to jackhammering along the sidewalk in front of 2501 86th St. The city recently deemed the location as a new spot for a homeless shelter to be built, which is something many residents in the area are strongly against.
Neighbors say they had no warning that construction in the area would be starting any time soon. They also say it's required to be posted on construction sites, according to the city.
Assembly Member William Colton received multiple calls from concerned citizens Saturday about the frenzy.
"They had no permits posted. They had no indication. It was illegal for them to do it on Saturday and Sunday. It's a citywide policy and basically applies to all construction," says Colton.
Colton says when the workers were unable to show the permits, they eventually stopped construction that day and have since patched up the work they started.