Non-profit group 'Building Skills NY' connects construction workers with jobs

A non-profit in Brooklyn is bridging the gap for aspiring construction workers to find work.
Despite the ever-growing building development in the city, many in construction say it is not easy to find a job.

Shaquille Charles works in construction. But even with several years of electrical experience, he says he had trouble landing a job. That all changed in September at a recruitment event hosted by local elected officials.

"I don't even think I would've got hired if it wasn't for the recruitment event. I would still be looking for a job in construction," says Charles.

It was at that event where he connected with Building Skills New York and its executive director David Meade.

"What I do and what Building Skills does is to better connect individuals to all the opportunities in the construction boom that's going on and to really think not just about placing a person for a day, but how we really start to think about their career path," says David Meade, Building Skills NY executive director.

Even when that path hits a brick wall, Building Skills NY opens up new doors, not just with recruitment but also training and certification processes.

"They would help you try to get into general labor, they'll help you get your OSHA-30. If you want to get your fire guard, they'll help you get your fire guard," says Charles.