Nursing home residents honor caretakers with appreciation parade, free meals

Usually around this time of year, you'll see groups visiting senior homes to donate dinners and spend time with residents. But this Thanksgiving, that's being flipped.
Residents at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale are among those who have gotten a renewed appreciation for front-line workers - and they were ready to show it Thursday.
Balloons and signs helped create a socially distant "canyon of heroes." They're calling it the first-ever "gratitude" Thanksgiving Day parade, with people who reside at the home getting to thank the nurses and others on the care team -- from the housekeepers to cafeteria workers.
That wasn't all -- residents also sponsored free meals for the entire staff, saying it's the least they could do for those who have become a second family to them.
"There's not enough thanks you can give someone who comes to you in the middle of the night when you're sick, or skips their lunch to take care of you during the day, or just is there," says resident Zelda Fassler. "We have people that we would not survive if they weren't there."
"I felt like the star of the show for a moment," says activities facilitator Carolina DeHoyos. "So, it was really exciting, and I felt like I was at the actual Thanksgiving parade."
Residents say they hope this is just the beginning of an annual tradition.