NY AG: 'Creative' price-gouging settlement is sending 300,000 eggs to LI food banks

New York Attorney General Letitia James visited Long Island Thursday with word of a price gouging settlement with a food supplier -- for which she accepted payment in the form of eggs.
James says during the height of the pandemic, the state found that Hillandale raised prices of essential food items to "unconscionable levels." The AG appeared at Long Island Cares in Hauppauge, which, along with Island Harvest, will be receiving 300,000 eggs.
The full settlement includes 1.2 million eggs, which will be distributed to food banks across the state. James said they are "trying to be more creative in our settlements."
Island Harvest President Randi Shubin Dresner says the eggs are a welcome treat.
"The staggering number of people affected and struggling to find easy access to healthy food, this has become a secondary crisis of the coronavirus pandemic," says Dresner. "The staff always appreciates this kind of healthy food."
And it's not just eggs -- food banks need all types of perishables, fruits, vegetables and potatoes.
"We're talking about vegetables, low-fat milk, these are foods that are added to create a healthy diet," says Paule Pachter, of Long Island Cares. "And when you're dealing with people who are food insecure, one of the critical needs they have is to eat healthy.
James says there are still open investigations into other food distributors who allegedly price-gouged during the pandemic.
Here are just some links where you can find out how to donate or where to get food: