NY Attorney General’s Office to monitor polling sites on election day

New York state Attorney General Letitia James’ office says it will be monitoring any issues that may arise at the polls on Election Day, and she says there is one issue that sticks out.
"The No. 1 complaint to our hotline is the long lines,” said James. James is advising voters to be patient when heading to the poll sites. However, some voters are complaining about another issue.
"Some voters have received robocalls, robocalls that are racist in nature,” said James.
In September, News 12 reported on an issue in which thousands of Brooklyn voters received wrong return envelopes on absentee ballots.
The AG’s office says it is looking into it but doesn’t want that to deter voters. "That's not really an issue of voter suppression, that's maybe a slight form of it, a neutral form of voter suppression, but it wasn't intentional. It really falls in the category of incompetence,” said James.
James is also advising voters to beware of any illegal activity. She says voters should report it to the Voter Protection Hotline.
“If you see anyone brandishing any firearm, you should contact our hotline. If you see anyone attempting to intimidate you, please contact our hotline. If you see anyone questioning your right to vote, please call our hotline. If you see anyone engaging in electioneering within 100 feet of the entrance, please contact our hotline,” said James.