NY Blood Center sees spike in donations but more are needed in 2021

Nearly 13,000 New Yorkers donated blood in December with the highest number of donations made lately since the beginning of the pandemic, Mayor Bill De Blasio says, but there is a need for more donations.
The recent donations helped to rebound the city's blood supply from the extreme low of a three-day supply to a 6.5-day blood supply.
The New York Blood Center says it has also seen more first-time donators in the past month.
Senior Executive Director of New York Blood Center Andrea Cefarelli says to see first time donors at a time when it's not as easy as going after class or with your friends is really reassuring.
But Cefarelli says the nor'easter a couple weeks ago and the Christmas storm that knocked out power for many did affect the momentum of blood donations.
She says this week is crucial, and she hopes people will sign up to donate blood so that 2021 starts on a strong supply note.
"We're hoping that especially in January for blood donor month that we can continue and build on what we started around Thanksgiving and just hope for some return back to normalcy next year," Cefarelli says.
The New York Blood Center says the O-negative blood supply is lower than all the others.
They encourage anyone interested in donation to make an appointment, regardless of blood type.
Click here for more information on how to donate blood to the New York Blood Center.