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NY health officials announce case of probable monkeypox in Sullivan County

As of Tuesday, officials say a total of nine confirmed orthopoxvirus cases have been identified in New York, including eight in New York City.

News 12 Staff

Jun 7, 2022, 9:31 PM

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The New York state Department of Health announced a case of probable monkeypox in Sullivan County Tuesday.
It said it was the first individual confirmed orthopoxvirus case in New York state outside of New York City. 
 As of Tuesday, officials say a total of nine confirmed orthopoxvirus cases have been identified in New York, including eight in New York City. 
Officials say those who experience symptoms consistent with monkeypox, such as characteristic rashes or lesions, should contact their health care provider for a risk assessment. This includes anyone who traveled to countries where monkeypox cases have been reported, anyone who has had contact with a someone with a similar rash or anyone who received a diagnosis of suspected or confirmed monkeypox.
“In concert with the NYS Department of Health, we continue to closely monitor this case, which is limited to just one individual. There is no identified risk to any County residents, as the individual had traveled outside the USA and was no longer contagious by the time they returned to Sullivan County. As we have done with COVID-19, Sullivan County Public Health remains vigilant and ready to respond to communicable diseases of all types, and should there be any public health risk, we will promptly make notice to our residents and visitors," Nancy McGraw, Sullivan County Public Health director. 

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