NY lawmakers set to vote on eviction moratorium extension this week as advocates call for relief

State lawmakers are expected to vote this week on whether to extend the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures that are set to expire in a couple of days.  
The current measure is set to expire on May 1. 
Sen. Brian Kavanagh, chairman of the Senate Housing Committee, says the moratorium could be extended to Aug. 31 if approved by lawmakers and signed into law by the governor. 
The moratorium also safeguards mom and pop shops and neighborhood businesses. 
It comes as advocates are calling for the launch of a $2.3 billion COVID relief program that would cover more than a year in rent owed to a landlord. 
New Yorkers from across the five boroughs gathered in Foley Square in lower Manhattan to demand the state to take action to protect tenants and homeowners struggling to keep a roof over their heads.   
Advocates say the process isn’t moving fast enough to get funds into the hands of struggling New Yorkers.