NYC media arts program teaches students film and life skills

Co-founders Josh Raff and Jordan Baptiste say that the program goes far beyond learning about being in front of or behind a camera.

News 12 Staff

Jun 28, 2023, 12:25 AM

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A media arts program is helping students in the Bronx find their passion for film.  
Five4Five Films is a program that teaches film appreciation and life skills to students through its in-school, afterschool, and summer programs.  
Rising senior Victoria Coll-Matos says she’s heading for a career in law enforcement, but that many of the lessons she’s learned about teamwork in the Five4Five Films program will help her down the line.  
“Whether you want to be working in the MTA or a teacher or the president of the United States, it teaches us communication, leadership, and how to be thoughtful and respectful,” said Coll-Matos.  
Coll-Matos says the program helps keep her energized and active – part of the plan of co-founders Josh Raff and Jordan Baptiste, who say the technical skills for being in front and behind the camera covered in the program help with keeping students engaged.
“We’re immediately going into the film-making process, we’re coming up with the storylines, we’re executing, we’re in production,” said Raff, who says that beyond the technical aspects of film like writing, acting, filming, editing, and marketing, the program focuses on life skills like creativity, confidence, connection, and communication.  
The opportunity gives students an outlet and a chance at exploring a career in film – something that rising senior Raymond Ventura may just do. 
“It’s something fun after school where I can just discharge all of the stress of normal school and put it into something I really like and love to do,” said Ventura, who hopes to be a photographer someday.  
Five4Five Films is holding a summer movie camp in July and August. Click here for more information. 

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