NYC officially enters phase two of reopening, allowing outdoor dining, salons and real estate

New York City is officially in phase two, which includes outdoor dining at restaurants.
For the first time in three months New Yorkers can finally sit down at a restaurant, however, all dining will be outside.
In addition to outdoor dining, salons and barbershops will open, as well as other retail stores. Malls will remain closed in this phase.
Office workers can return to their desks, although many are expected to hold out a little longer. In addition, real estate firms and car dealerships also can open.
Phase two means playgrounds are back open, which has been a topic of controversy in the last couple of weeks, with some in Brooklyn actually cutting the gates open to playgrounds saying they needed a place to let their kids get some fresh air safely.
Social distancing rules are still in place and masks are required.
There is no set date yet for phase three.